Nayra A. M. Moussa



Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science,
Minia University, Minia 61519, Egypt

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Nayra A. M. Moussa is a MSc. student in the inorganic chemistry program offered by the Faculty of Science, Minia University. Her current master thesis is in the fields of quantum mechanics and materials science. She obtained her BSc. from Minia University. She is a supervisor for tens of junior members at CompChem Lab. Ms Moussa published seven papers in appreciable international journals (h-index = 4). She is an affiliated member of the Egyptian Young Academy of Sciences (EYAS) and the Egyptian Society of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (ESTCC). She also participated in oral presentations in versatile international conferences.


  • Quantum MechanicsĀ 
  • Non-Covalent Interactions

Recent Publications