Ossama A. M. Ahmed



Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science,
Minia University, Minia 61519, Egypt

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Mr. Ossama A. M. Ahmed had his Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) in chemistry in 2009 from Suhag University. In late 2016, he began a master program at Cairo University. Months after finishing the pre-master part, he joined CompChem Lab as a master student through a collaboration program between Cairo University and CompChem Lab. Ossama is interested in theoretical chemistry models and their concepts. Moreover, the field of his research includes quantum mechanical calculations and non-covalent interactions. Ossama holds a personal opinion that “since you have learned how to speak and write then every mental skill else is even easier if you just have the proper discipline”.


  • Noncovlanet interactions
  • MP2 calculations

Recent Publications