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The mission of the CompChem is to provide outstanding teaching and high-quality research opportunities for postgraduate students, and other researchers ....

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The vision of the CompChem is to become an internationally effective partner in shaping the future in the field of computational chemistry and all ....

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Who are we?

We are a recent established research laboratory under the leadership of Dr. Mahmoud A. A. Ibrahim. CompChem lab was blueprinted by Dr. Mahmoud A. A. ....

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Research Group

Within CompChem Research Laboratory, there are several groups focused on biological science research, drug design research, material science and software ....

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Latest projects

In CompChem, a number of running scientific projects have been granted funding from international and local organizations.

Project ID: ASRT/Drug Roadmap
Project ID: ASRT/Drug Roadmap Academy of Scientific Research
Project ID: STDF/22934
Project ID: STDF/22934 Science & Technology Development Fund
Project ID: ASRT/GP2018-9-2
Project ID: ASRT/GP2018-9-2 Academy of Scientific Research
Project ID: STDF/5480
Project ID: STDF/5480 Science & Technology Development Fund
Project ID: STDF/7972
Project ID: STDF/7972 Science & Technology Development Fund

Latest News

CompChem: COVID-19 Initiative

قام الفريق البحثي بمعمل ابحاث الكيمياء الحاسوبية بتدشين مبادرة للمجتمع العلمي المصري و للسادة الباحثيين المصريين المهتمين بالعمل على اكتشاف مركبات أكثر فعالية اتجاه فيروس كورونا المستجد والمشاركة في جمح هذه ال

ASRT has generously agreed to fund a graduation project for a CompChem member

It is our pleasure to announce that the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) has agreed to fund the graduation project of Amna H. M. Mahmoud, CompChem Member, with a total budget of 74,500 EGP.  The funded project is entitled “Discovering and developing corrosion inhibitors for active metals in the space using computational chemistry techniques”

Congratulations!!!! CompChem Group at JINR, RUSSIA

Alaa H. M. Abdelrahman, CompChem Member, has been selected to participate in the 1st winter school in Russia at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) University, Russia, from 8th to 28th December 2019.

Our Respective Partners
We greatly value all of our partners for their generous support and the diversity of their contributions